CURIOSITY RADIO ~ We’re Baaaaack!

What would cause two unusual and very strange characters to do a podcast? (That would be me & Eric….) WELL I’M GLAD THAT YOU ASKED…..even if you didn’t.

CURIOSITY RADIO is a monthly show where we will be interviewing some very off the wall…and sometimes sort of sane people!  As you may know Eric Charles and I are old skool radio hosts who have had individual shows on many terrestrial and Internet networks for many years.  When we both left the faceless airwaves to follow our dreams and created what you guys now enjoy watching…CURIOSITY.  The web series has not only been fun to do but it has become a hit with so many of you!  THANK YOU by the way…lol.  However only producing 5 to 6 episodes per year just wasn’t cutting it.  So after many meetings…not to mention Manhattans Eric and I decided to take on another project…this podcast!

We would like to thank Bub Smith who offered us a spot on his site SLACKJAWPUNKS.COM after a deal with another station did not pan out.  It is our mission to bring to the listeners all of the fun, mysterious, and informational topics that we do with the web series.  We can also be heard on Google Play and shortly ITunes and Stitcher.

So stay Tuned…..The Best Is Yet To Come!