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Haunted Objects

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Ted Wolfe ~ Haunted Bergen, NY

Tim made a wrong turn in Batavia, NY and ended up hitchhiking into the countryside. He found adventure....` So enjoy an interview with Ted Wolfe who is the manager of the Haunted Bergen House, a location which has been active since the late 1950's. The place retains much of its original furniture along with some personal possessions. Even I had experiences there...during the day!

Buiding an Amp/Filter Box

One of the hottest trends in Para research is the use of Filter/Amp boxes for scanner radio's. In this short episode I'll show you a very simple box and how I built it. It can use almost any station scanner however with the P-SP7 you may need an amp guitar pedal to be able to hear it better.

Gettysburg Dime Museum

Welcome to the world of yesteryear when entertainment was not TV or the Internet. The Dime Museum was a place of wonderment and fun for children of all ages. The Gettysburg Dime Museum carries on a proud tradition of combining the truth and a few tall sit back and enjoy the WONDERMENT of the mid to late 1800's!

Resident Undead – Dunkirk Lighthouse (Dunkirk, NY) – Full Episode

Resident Undead - Dunkirk Lighthouse (Dunkirk, NY) - Full Episode - The team travels to the Dunkirk Lighthouse which has claims of paranormal activity that may be linked to all of the ship wrecks off its coast. Joined by special guest Tim Shaw, Becca and him will hold a dueling psychics session together.

Season 2 – Episode 008 – Tim Baxter ~ Death Cafe

Join Eric and his guest Tim Baxter Director of Operations at historic Oakwood Cemetery in Niagara Falls, NY as they discuss an organization called "Death Café." After viewing this episode you may wish to open up a dialog about death & dying.

Season 2 – Episode 007 – Joe Pieri ~ Spirit Box Enhancer

Join Tim Shaw as he talks about Spirit Boxes and Spirit Box Enhancers with Tech Guru Joe Pieri! Ghost Boxes are the latest fad in Para communications! Also check out the ending as something interesting occurred "in studio" during the taping!

Season 2 – Mid season trailer

It's true ... we have a lot of fun!

Season 2 – Episode 006 – DMon Productions

Zombies are insanely hot today! In this episode Eric Charles interviews two people who not only love the genre, but also give back to those in need while being a part of the world of the undead!

Season 2 – Snippet – Eric Charles plays some tunes for the spirit Roy’s Birthday party, at Rolling Hills Asylum

Come join the pre-Ghost Hunt At Rolling Hills as we Celebrate Roy Crouses's 127th Birthday. Roy's spirit is seen wandering the halls at RHA. This is a small party with music by Eric Charles. Check out more of Eric's music on the music page!

Season 2 – Episode 005 – Rolling Hills Asylum

Ever wonder why someone would buy a haunted location? Host Eric Charles interviews Sharon Coyle Farley, owner of Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany New York.

RCI CON 1 VIP JUN24th Part 1 With Seek the Truth Paranormal

Randolph Co. Infirmary RCI-CON 1Para Con June 24th Vip Investigation. With special guest Tim Shaw form Paranormal Lockdown The Hinsdale House. Show everyone in our group Ouija Board Session 101.
See more great footage from Seek The Truth Paranormal at their Youtube and Facebook

Curiosity – Episode 005 – UFO’s and Cryptids Brian & Terrie Seech

Join Host Eric Charles, in a fascinating conversation with Brian & Terrie Seech, about UFO's and Cryptozoology!!!! We even explore a location where there was bigfoot activity! Check out more info at their websites:

Curiosity – Episode 004 – Hinsdale house

Join Host Eric Charles as he interviews Dan Klaes, owner of the Hinsdale House ~ the most haunted location in Western New York State!

Curiosity – Episode 003 – Strange Brew

An interview with Onyx who is a modern day witch and owner of "Strange Brew" an eclectic metaphysical shop in Kenmore, NY.

Curiosity – Episode 002 – Trundle Manor

What happens when rockabilly meets the Addams Family? Trundle Manor is a mix of steampunk genius and living the life you want to live. So check out an American original... or at least, possibly the most interesting couple in the Pittsburgh area! From the Trundle Manor Website: We Are An Art House/Tourist Trap! Trundle Manor is a private collection of weird things that has been made available to the public, of unusual items such as taxidermy, jarred specimens, medical implements, and bizarre weaponry that has been made available to tour by the general public. Be SURE to check out this most interesting place, on your adventures.


Curiosity – Episode 001 – Meet the host, Eric Charles!

Learn who Eric Charles is and explore his fascinating life both as a talented TV series host but also as a talented musician! See how he fits into the conundrum that is Curiosity. From Punk Rocker to Spiritual adept, to someone who wanders the back roads to bring you stories laced with history, mystery, and a lot of fun, Eric is the multi-talented face of Curiosity!

Curiosity Teaser Promo

See what happens when Curiosity’s intrepid host Eric Charles and episode director Tim Shaw attempt to film a promo for the show. This is what happens during every shoot that we go on!
Disclaimer: No aliens were injured during the filming of this clip.