In Defense Of Nick Groff…..It’s Also Entertainment People!

Recently there has been some really nasty posts going around on social media.  It concerns Nick Groff and one of his shows ~ The Ghosts of Shepherdstown.  It accuses Nick and his production company of moving locations around as well as in so many words faking evidence.  These are some serious charges to be leveled against a reality show.  Now here is my two cents….hey it’s our page, we pay for it so I’m gonna write on it…lo!

Right out of the gate…I have met Nick and Katrina from Paranormal Lockdown several times.  I have interviewed both AND have worked on an episode of Lockdown.   I have NEVER seen Nick or his staff pull or fake evidence.  In fact his production company staff far exceeds most of the networks shows that I have personally worked on!  I’m not saying that situations are not set up to get reactions… BUT PEOPLE THAT’S SHOW BIZ!  THAT’S REALITY TV!   OOOPS SORRY – I FORGOT YOU THOUGHT SURVIVOR AND BIG BROTHER WAS 100% LEGIT!

As any para person will tell you a production company only has so long to film an episode.  If the location in question isn’t  producing a crap spewing demon that terrifies town folk and causes viewers to blow their snacks out of their noses they will move on to another site.  Spirits don’t dance on command but production companies have tight budgets and schedules.  That’s the hard truth of the matter.

Do some shows fake…of course they do!  Some of the current shows are like porn queens!  A hit with every customer!  However these shows are sent pretty much down the tube of people like me who enjoy watching because they become guilty pleasures!  Yes by the way I still watch that Bigfoot show where bearded guys with guns run through the woods and rogue teams terrorize them at every turn!  Do I believe what’s going on…NO!  Do I think that it’s great entertainment…YES!  IT’s ENTERTAINMENT!

When it comes to the para world…we all have to remember certain truths….Yes, the unknown is waiting for you out there, Yes there are dedicated investigators, Yes there are some great documentaries that can be downloaded…but just remember TV is a vast land of commercialism and shows have to conform to those sponsors as best they can without trickery ( I was on a pilot once that demanded I say something that I did not think was true.  I refused and they found footage that was done earlier where I stated “Mission Accomplished”.  Did I say it yes…was it edited out of context yes.  Was I pissed off..or course but that’s what happens when you sign a contract….).  But Nick Groff and his company is one of the more dedicated, professional organizations out there.

Now before you blast people…including me….remember to keep yourself to a higher standard….or you just might get a mouthful of steaming demonic crap the next time you wag your forked tongue!