CURIOSITY RADIO ~ We’re Baaaaack!

What would cause two unusual and very strange characters to do a podcast? (That would be me & Eric….) WELL I’M GLAD THAT YOU ASKED…..even if you didn’t.

CURIOSITY RADIO is a monthly show where we will be interviewing some very off the wall…and sometimes sort of sane people!  As you may know Eric Charles and I are old skool radio hosts who have had individual shows on many terrestrial and Internet networks for many years.  When we both left the faceless airwaves to follow our dreams and created what you guys now enjoy watching…CURIOSITY.  The web series has not only been fun to do but it has become a hit with so many of you!  THANK YOU by the way…lol.  However only producing 5 to 6 episodes per year just wasn’t cutting it.  So after many meetings…not to mention Manhattans Eric and I decided to take on another project…this podcast!

We would like to thank Bub Smith who offered us a spot on his site SLACKJAWPUNKS.COM after a deal with another station did not pan out.  It is our mission to bring to the listeners all of the fun, mysterious, and informational topics that we do with the web series.  We can also be heard on Google Play and shortly ITunes and Stitcher.

So stay Tuned…..The Best Is Yet To Come!

I Giggle In Your General Direction!

It’s Springtime In Paraland!  The birds are chirping happily.  The Sun is shining and there is harmony as far as the eye can see.  Well so long as you’re are near sighted that is.

Yes Boys and Girls as well as Children of all Ages…The Springtime Para dramas are now coming to the a field near you!  Headlines such as “So and So Hates This One And That One.” “He Said That Gizmo Doesn’t Work.”  “We Can’t Afford To Do Anything.”  “I’ve Got Gas”…er…WAIT!  Nevermind.  That’s just me as I had chili for lunch…….

You know I’ve been kicking around the field for close to 40 years and at this time every year it seems as if people get a bit thin skinned and take offense really quick.  It might be an opinion posted on social media or the subject of a diatribe that no one really wants to hear.  But it results in stress, hurt feelings, and maniac giggling from the far right.  In any event if you’re going to air your dirty laundry in the public forum expect to get slapped.  Not everyone will agree with you, hell not everyone really likes you in the first place…or am I talking about myself?  Most probably the last one.

Now I’m not sure if it’s a seasonal disorder?  The weather might be chillier and people aren’t outside as much.  Maybe people do not have enough  vitamin D in their systems.  Maybe people are just in general cranky.  I dunno…ask a professional, I’m just a schmuck at a keyboard.

Listen my beautiful Children of the Night…Everyone isn’t going to love you.  Everyone isn’t going to agree with you.  Heck everyone won’t put up with you.  But the fact is that NOT EVERYONE CARES ABOUT YOU OR YOUR OPINION!  So expect a backlash.  Every time I post on social media or even this blog I expect negative comments to flow!  It’s called the PRICE of having a voice!  You can say “Have A Nice Day” and someone may respond with…FU!  Again maybe it’s just me…hmmmm.

As for the term Para Drama it’s not just in the Paranormal Field.  It’s in churches, all those metaphysical Love and Light Organizations, even in bowling leagues.  There is no real reason for it because it just is.

So put on your big boy Aquaperson undies and face the world!  Expect to be called on your shit!  When you do, don’t go and say that the person who has an opinion different than yours lives in a bubble or has their head in the sand.  Maybe their reality is far more important to them than yours.  Maybe they have seen the fall out of social radioactive wars, and maybe, just maybe they might not care about your plight in general.  Nothing personal but saying “I DON’T CARE ” takes more guts than posting an eight page manifesto that says nothing of interest to the world.

So as the warm weather sneaks into our lives and all of the pretty, pretty flower bloom remember……When you are dead none of what you have done really matters.  Buildings get torn down, monuments crumble, and your self important butt rots into a jelly like glob.  Para People Please….do you’re own thing, be creative, and if you don’t get your own way…look towards another direction.  I would say play nice but we all know that ain’t gonna happen!  At least not in this world..and from what I’ve seen maybe not even the next!