Eric Charles and music

Eric Charles, Host of Curiosity, also plays a lot of music! Super long story short, I've been everywhere man! Toured the world, writing and playing guitar with my band, The Pavers, Wrote more, played more and sang with Single Grave Ticket / The Haunted Buffalo and worked solo as Lucky Lonesome and The Lonesome and Blue Spirits. The Pavers was the culmination of my punk rock roots, playing alongside my best friends, with Scott Reynolds on vocals, from ALL/Descendents. Single Grave Ticket/The Haunted Buffalo were basically the same band, with different players and Lucky Lonesome was born from having a hard time finding anyone to play with, possibly because I practice nude or perhaps smell like cat litter (and I don't own a cat). The Lonesome & Blue Spirits are my back up band and are all, actually spirits. It's not my fault if you can't see, or hear them, because by far, they are the best part of the band. Because of them, most of my own tunes are of the spooky persuasion and I hope you dig. Feel free to check out some of my tunes below...