Paranormal Photography….Cell Phones Just Don’t Cut It!

So lets get right to my bitch…Paranormal Photography.  Most of it is crap!

Now don’t hate  the messenger people…but in today’s world digital photography is one of the WORST forms of evidence that anyone can produce!!!!!!!

In digital cameras both DSLR and Cell technologies you have what is called a CCD chip which is what captures the image that you are looking at.  The problem is that this chip reproduces the image.. NOT records a TRUE image like the old negatives did way back when.  It is because of this that the chip attempts to put together pixels to reproduce an image yet not always the REAL image of the scene. (Of course photographic manipulation was all the rage when William Mumler began to ply his trade in the later 1800’s. However this was done outside of the camera.)  Also take into consideration that plastic lens that are found in cell phones and cheap cameras will produce weird light anomalies because of the way they are manufactured.  When I do serious paranormal photography experiments I only use a glass lens as they do not produce many of the abnormalities of the plastic lens but even glass is not fool proof!

Once you realize this you understand that todays technology IS NOT the cutting edge to these types of captures.  In my over 30 years of searching for paranormal evidence I have only encountered a very few photographs that I would consider interesting enough to look at twice.  One such image was done with a DSLR camera, using a tripod, slow shutter speed, and shutter release against a background of a laser grid.  That produced a solid shadow which resembled a human form.  Was this a ghost…I don’t know but I can tell you that I was present in the room when the photo was taken and NO ONE walked in front of the camera.  I was shown the image immediately so I knew that there was no tampering done. Still something like that did give something to think about…but it was done in a controlled atmosphere which cuts down on many problems.

I can’t tell you how many photographs that I have been sent that are simply nothing more than the human mind attempting to make sense out of chaos…yes we are hardwired that way!  So because we know this we much be very careful to announce that something ay be truthful or not.  I once belonged a Spiritualist church filled with wonderful and well meaning people.  One day I was shown photo’s that were taken revealing hundreds of orbs and streaks of light.  The older church members looked at the photos and announced that they could see the faces of members who had passed and announced that they we back to say hello!  Er…No.  What they saw were the effects of dust from the walls being sanded which was floating near the lens.  That dust was being interpreted by a camera chip.  Sorry but dust is dust no matter what good people declare.  The light streaks upon closer inspection were actually reflections causing lens flare producing a bright light stretching out into a hazy, cloud like streak.  Again this phenomena was declared angel wings. but upon closer inspection the source of the light was detected.

Now many people take photos in succession and out of multiple shot only one show phenomena..this can be explained away especially if the camera or cell was not mounted on a tripod or there was a window behind you.  Natural light is never constant and can produce several anomalies.

Another well meaning gentleman produced a series of over pixelated photographs in which he declared were spirit at a “haunted” location…to which he claimed to have been “called” to.  Upon further inspection it was found that he was using an old, outdated cell phone camera to take the photo’s then blowing those images up until they became so distorted that no one could recognize what the original subject matter was.  The human brain looking at images that are that distorted will attempt to create something orderly out of the distortion.

Another controversial problem that arises are well meaning psychics and mediums….who allow themselves to analyze these types of photo’s through metaphysical means.  Without knowing the process of digital photography these folks can either actually be getting the impressions of something that is actually there WITHOUT BEING PRESENT IN THE PHOTOGRAPH or simply allowing their own imaginations to go wild.  Now I speak from experience being both a practicing Spiritualist Medium and a seasoned Paranormal Investigator.  Oh and yes I have let my brain matrix things from time to time and see images that might be there.  That is when I send the images out to be analyzed by experts in the field.  Again I have only seen less than a handful of photographs that I or others cannot explain.  I am in no  way disparaging these believers but we must take into consideration in this modern age what might be metaphysical in nature and what can be mistaken for it.

So be careful when looking at digital photographs…especially ones that come off a cell phone or cameras that have plastic lens.  Photographic distortions are nothing new to the field.  I myself have hundreds of images that I have taken which I at first thought was paranormal but on further research found that it was produced because of the chip or lens.

Once again don’t hate the messenger but ask yourself do you want to know that truth?